Friday, 10 May 2013

Deal Logically

Well, after a long time… I think! It’s going to almost a year that I’d posted my experiences. O’ I know that; I’m not a celebrity you waiting for. But blogging is some kind of meditation for me, it could be for anyone. During all this time I observed and faced many adorable and disgust circumstances and the life simply continues… But all of those were experiences. I’m going to li’l bit share with you.
Emotions…! My dear friends, these are emotions, make our lives delightful or disgust. Can we control them??? Yes! Of course, But most of us, actually a big number don’t pay a little attention to it. According to recent studies it has been proved that emotions are contagious. For instant, if you join the company of good people, you feel lighthearted and energized. If you have a spouse of bad or sad in attitude, it will make you sad or feel bad. Actually we are emotion contagions for each other. Our brains reflect the emotional state of one another. It is not empathy but just like that. However it is strong enough to disturb our body and mental chemistry either positively or negatively.
The good thing is that we can make our lives successful and comfortable by controlling the emotions “logically”. As I’m so called “Non Certified”, therefore, I’m going to avoid technicalities. A person is more stable mentally, who is more logical to its relations and social life, comparatively healthier, happier and comparatively have long lifespan than a person, who don’t deal its relations and social life logically. But what does logic mean…? Logic is the reasoned and reasonable judgment of all aspect of a living being’s life and its surroundings. Now let me brief you, how can we control our emotions logically?
Whenever you meet a person, your brain starts to work and analyze the personality of that person consciously or unconsciously. Before your brain receives the reflection of emotions just think for a while that; is it important for you to take analysis? If it is…then how much is important? Avoid over thinking and produce strong positive pulse of attitude. For instant, meet someone with warm heart and a sweet smile. If you dislike a person, whom which you are going to meet occasionally then do it more properly. And assume that your positivity will check the reflection of incompatible emotions. Actually it’s a mental trick according to which you just alter or advance your focus. It may be possible a person in anger probably more positive in calm situations than you but matter is to avoid the effects. Pay attention to anyone as much he/she deserves. Don’t make huge expectations in all aspects of your life as expectation is initials of disturbance and one of the major causes of weakening the relations. Don’t react abruptly, just think over the matter and conditions for a while with cool mind. I don’t want to write a technical and extensive note. Just keep in your mind;
There is a simple key to react logically to understand, what is really important and beneficial for you and others.
Although the limits of logic and selfishness are too close to confused but important thing is to keep in your mind that if your logic smells like selfishness then it’d not be a true logic. For this purpose make sure the self jurisprudence. So be careful and deal logically for a successful life.                  


  1. My girlfriend's emotions are certainly contagious with me. Sometimes I wish it were vice versa. :/

  2. I agree with the above commenter.